i need to sleep for like 10 years.

so, if you don’t like kanye west and your argument is that he’s arrogant (and especially if you bring up taylor swift), you might be a racist.

thesis = finished.  done.  terminado.  completo.

well, until corrections, obviously.  but it’s done.


please watch avril lavigne’s new video it is so much worse than you are imagining as you are reading this, it is so much worse than anyone could have ever guessed it would be

i took a break from my thesis for this?

“I guess you ain’t really hungry then.”

— A response from the home owner, usually a parent or grandparent, when one rejects their undesirable food options. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

“It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.”

RIP Gabriel García Márquez. Literary giant, Nobel Laureate, and author who wrote “about all the people who are marginal to history, who have not had a voice. (via asianartmuseum)



zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

“It’s ok you know,
to be carried now and then,
strength too needs a rest.”

Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via ironworthstriking)

today and for the next few days, my entire focus will be on completing this thesis. 



Kori-Chell | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Dream closet.